Which Type of Career Changer Are You?


 Everyone has different needs as they change careers. It is personal and unique process.

That being said, I have found that it can be helpful to look at patterns in career change and  I have devised four categories as a new way to begin with clients.

Which of these four categories sounds most like you?

1.       Over Jobber – You are done mentally with your current work but may have no idea what to do next.

2.       Idea Launcher- You have one or many ideas about what you want to do next, but need help deciding how to move forward.

3.       Next Lifer – You are already in a career transition either by choice or maybe you have been forced into one through something like a layoff.

4.       Horizon Gazer – you are very content with your current work situation but you are the type of person who is always looking to up your game.

Once you identify your category, see if this advice can help you move forward:

Over Jobber – Do your best to reconnect to your passions at work if possible or at home. If you forget what they are, spend time reflecting on your past and identifying when you were happiest. For example, I recently worked with a client who hated his job tasks but enjoyed the people he worked with so he focused on helping them which made his job more tolerable as he figured out what to do next.

Idea Launcher – You probably need a process for decision making and action. The first thing you can do is to list all you ideas and then prioritize them. Next take small steps to research the feasibility of your top idea and do your best to create momentum.

Next Lifer – Before you can move on to your next chapter, do your best to complete your last chapter well so you can create psychic and physical space for what is next. For example, if you have been laid off, you may need to meet with other staff members to say goodbye and feel complete with your last job.

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