When nothing makes sense… Faith

If you’ve been following along, you know that we’re taking a closer look at the qualities that make up a mindful career. Faith is the current subject – and our investigation of it couldn’t come at a better, or more difficult, time.

Our routine, our intention, had been to post an intro to each principle, an exercise to get you in the habit of practicing that principle and an intention to help you master it. And then life happened and it didn’t seem like the right time to post. And then something else happened and we were left scratching our heads. And, then, another thing happened and we couldn’t wrap our heads around how we should proceed.

Nothing made sense. Except faith. So we’ve decided to skip the exercise this week and leave you with the intention. It won’t solve anything. It won’t make the world an easier place to understand. But we hope it will bring a bit of inner calm to you in spite of the outer confusion

Enjoy your weekend. We’ll see you back here next week.

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