Ulli Bonnekamp is a 2008 Emmy Award-winning German-born freelance cinematographer with extensive experience in documentaries and commercials.

While shooting verité documentary films for National Geographic, more recently for PBS/Nova (“Fire”), Thomas Lucas Prod./Discovery Channel (“Cannibalism” and “The Unfolding Universe”) and the BBC (“The Designers”), Ulli has also filmed TV commercials and is a Producer/Filmmaker for the stock film agency GettyImages/The Image Bank in New York City.

Ulli’s passion for capturing life in images began at age 11 with the family still camera.  He intensely pursued this art form during his young adulthood.

He chose to get a”real” job after high school and set his camera down during a 15-year hiatus that included business school and law school. After moving to New York, he rediscovered his love for creating images and decided to change careers. Ulli now lives and works in Los Angeles.

His work has taken him to locations in Europe, Indonesia, North and East Africa and South America.