Our clients find career clarity.

When we say that everyone deserves to do what they were born to do, we mean everyone. You included. It’s a belief that our clients share. Their reasons for seeking our help are as varied as their work histories: career advancement, job dissatisfaction, entrepreneurial goal-setting, career anxiety, executive training.  Their desires, however, are the same: to define what remarkable work looks like & to do exactly that.

Whether through one of our workshops or with a private coach, our clients finally made time to reflect on their past, discuss their present & plan for their future.

Let them tell their stories in their own words. Their journeys will inspire your own quest to turn career confusion into career clarity.

Steve Rocco - CFO, ByFusion PBC

"I knew where I wanted my career to go. I needed to double check that what I wanted was my soul work. And it was. The visualizations and homework helped reinforce my position. I kept getting the same answers. The course didn't make me do it. It made me keep doing it!"



Debera Johnson - Founder, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

"[I made the] decision to leave my job & reinvent myself. [The program] is a fresh way of looking at who I am & the common threads that weave my choices together."

Jessica Berg - Non Profit Leader / Solution-Finder

"I felt very stuck in my previous career(s) – my jobs felt close to what I was supposed to be doing, but everything I tried was “not quite right. The program helped me most by helping me to get clear on what I wanted, and helped me to stop saying yes to things thing I knew deep down that I didn’t want. It helped me to take appropriate risks to get to the next place in my career. It helped me to let go of the “judgment rats” so that I could focus on my truth."


Briana Clement - Healing Arts Practitioner

"I was lost! I had been let go from my corporate job. I knew I did not want to just go out & get another office job... Through the program I learned to: 1) take the skills I’ve already developed, 2) keep to what I know best, 3) create a path all-my-own based on my passions and life experiences, 4) know that I have all I need to start my soul work right now!"

Michael Ledbetter - Health & Wellness Publishing Executive

"I had a need to get connected with others. The [program] sounded like something that could get me to start thinking outside of my comfort zone where I felt I had been operating for too long. I wanted to use my skills and abilities - to channel them somewhere else - into a different career. As a direct result of the classwork...[I] was able to realize that I could be selective, very picky, about my next career move. I just had to believe it.”


Trish Balbert - Doctoral Candidate, Psychology

"Being a (usually) passionate person, I knew that something was “off” when it came to a career in acting. I loved collaborating & performing, but I had no drive to pursue the business. The program allowed me to discover things about myself, my family, & my belief system that I never would have realized otherwise. It also helped me to healthily grieve my “former life” in order to move towards a more fulfilling present reality."


Harold Higgins - Artist

"[I took the program] to learn about work, my experience of it, from a different perspective. It helped me realize to have supreme confidence in yourself. If you have that everything else will fall into place ... and the jobs will come."


Stan Wiencko - TV & Film Production

"[The course] was helpful because it sparked something inside me & I was able to go inward a lot. It took me out of what I think I’m supposed to be doing & brought me to more of what I want to be doing, who i want to be. It got me out of my head & more into my heart.”


Alicia Jones - Entrepreneur

"A few years ago, I started my own graphic design business & learned what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Although I enjoyed having my own business, I was not passionate about the work. I felt something was missing. The program helped me to create a vision for my life, which enabled me to discover my true passions - health & holistic healing."


Raquel Krouse - Consultant / Minipreneur

"I have always been committed to my own personal growth and was looking for a new challenge and direction in my career. [The program] strengthened my notion that I was already on the right career path, helped me set new goals & gave me a sharper focus for the future."


Rob Lederer - Entrepreneur

"I wanted a [plan] to keep working on my business & growing it to $3million/year. [The program helped to] talk about what you wish you could do but don’t believe you are ready to do or have permission to do (from some inner voice of authority), talk about that it's really possible to do so. Consider that it might indeed be possible. Don’t let yourself be talked out of it by your inner voices of negativity. Take a risk and go for it!"


Success speaks for itself

We're so proud of our clients! They embody the Live Your Genius Spirit! Listen to them tell their stories of turning career confusion into career clarity.