Soul Worker: How Loss Lead To A Career In “Communication”

Adele Kristiansson’s business card says ”Energy Healing for People and Animals.” That’s a title one doesn’t see often. How she made the career transition from not-for-profit executive (a role we’re more familiar with) to animal communicator and healer required more than a stack of business cards with an intriguing title.

It took a leap of faith. Continuous study. And lots of practice.

This professional, articulate, and scientific woman defies what you might expect from her new calling. She represents the growing trend of alternative healers who make a living from their spiritual gifts. In her case, her psychic gift has been passed down through the matriarchs of her family – a spiritual family heirloom. As with most heirlooms, Adele didn’t make room for her gift until after a loss; the loss of her job. That prompted Adele to search for a new professional path, one that would develop and incorporate ways to use her talents to heal.

The loss of a job is never easy for anyone. Practical considerations – the who, what, where, and how of daily life – bump up against sometimes painful introspection and realizations. Losing her job was a release that Adele had been unable to achieve on her own by quitting. Holding on hard to what had become unfulfilling work in an unsupportive environment had taken more energy than letting go. Later, she realized that the universe did for her what she could not have done for herself. What began as a very difficult transition process eventually lead to a life filled with more joy and personal growth, an interesting educational path and, ultimately, fascinating work.

Since then, Adele has dedicated herself to life-long learning and honoring her talents. She graduated from the four-year degree program at the Brennan School of Healing Science, became a Prayer Chaplain at the New Thought Spiritual Center of Eastern Long Island, joined the Southampton Volunteer Ambulance and certified as an EMT, studied Remote Viewing and Telepathic Animal Communication at the Omega Institute, became a Vortex Healing Practitioner and practices Mediumship.

She continues to have professional supervision in her practice. Through all of her studies, she’s developed skills that include remote healing of people and animals and communication with lost pets. This calling requires an extraordinary ability to listen beyond what is present. This has deepened her faith, as well as her understanding of quantum physics. While many of us can’t make sense of quantum physics, we do understand synchronicity and coincidence and can train ourselves to become receptive to small occasions that can lead us toward more expansive ways of living and working.

Adele’s moment came when she opened her heart to her calling and allowed information beyond “normal” understanding to reach her. She discovered her telepathic connection with animals when her sister reached out asking her to help find Pippin, her cat. Adele spontaneously connected with Pippin and found him from many miles away. The experience validated her transformation into a healing arts practitioner among family and friends. It blew open the spectrum of “new normal” and set her firmly on a path into an extraordinary experience and an unconventional career.

As with any career transition, Adele’s journey has required invested time and money, a commitment to herself and willingness to grow beyond her former story. Remember that thing I said about the loss of a job not being easy for anyone? Career reinvention (or just plain old job searching) isn’t either. By employing pragmatic planning (education, bridge work, family support) in tandem with her calling, Adele has built a profitable and purposeful practice that serves her community. It’s hard work that no one can take away from her because Adele is doing what she was born to do.

Are you career or job restless? Adele offers sound advice to anyone looking for more fulfillment in life and work:

  • It is ok to want something different, this could be your first step.
  • If you get an inspiration, follow it. Take the next right action; life is not linear.
  • Allow things to find you and when they do, say “Yes” to the Universe – like my example of animal communication. Allow yourself to be surprised!
  • When the Universe closes a door, it may be doing you a favor. Open a window. If you are faced with career change you did not choose, take the opportunity to refresh or recreate your life and work. It may be the best thing you ever do!
  • Everyone has a high sense of perception, nurture it!

Interested in quantum healing & lifestyle energy coaching? Connect with Adele at Ripple Effect Healing to find out more.

Thank you for your insight, Adele!

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