Soul Adventure Series – Installment One

Thirteen years ago after completing graduate school and having an epiphany in Costa Rica, I packed up my two bedroom upper west side rent-controlled apartment in NYC and set off to find a new home on a 15,000 mile car trek around the western US. I landed in Taos, New Mexico where bought a three bedroom home and stayed for three years before I sold that home, furnished.

Since then I have lived in Brooklyn and Austin and I am currently on my way to another soul adventure to find a new home or at least spend the summer out of the Texas heat. This sort of periodic drastic move seems to be my natural pattern and each time I learn to travel lighter. Last week I sold all of my books, placed my good kitchen stuff into my brother’s guest apartment  and took my furniture to a consignment store. My project this week is to sort through my clothes, my office materials, camping equipment  and art work so all my belongings fit easily into my car.  I will be giving anything of value that is too bulky away to friends, family and goodwill.

The plan so far is to leave Texas in early May and to visit  friends, clients and National Parks. The key of having a real adventure is not to plan too much.

I will be traveling for the next six months you are welcome to join me through this blog. More importantly, you can do your own “local” soul adventure to inspire yourself. This one that follows was designed for anyone that can spare four hours and is an assignment we give all our clients as part of the programs we offer:

The “soul adventure” can really free your imagination, and open you up to your new path.  Create this day with the intention of gaining clarity regarding what your soul work is.

Clear your calendar for a 4-12 hour stretch, and go on a search for your higher wisdom. Here are the rules:

  •  Pack a bottle of water, a healthy snack, a notebook or journal, a pen and maps.  Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothes.
  • Leave your house without a plan, other than to go somewhere you have not been before.  You can walk, take public transportation, or drive.
  • Do at least one activity you have never done before.
  • Speak only to people you have never met. If you prefer, do not speak to anyone. Leave the cell phone at home.
  • If you have a spiritual practice, incorporate it into the day. For example, you may choose to pray, meditate, do yoga, go to a church service or a support group meeting.

Record your experience including your activities, inspiring moments, and any resistance you experienced and let me know what happens for you.

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