Soul Adventure Series #3: Mentors


Do you have a mentor? The definition of mentor that I like best, came from a mentor named Frederic Hudson who said “mentors are models that care.”  I have had a few great mentors in my life but none have made more of a difference in my life than  Jo Todd, PhD.

I was reminded of that this weekend when I attended a retreat she facilitated at her center called The Healing Alliance in Austin, TX. It was a wonderful way to connect to the divine, good friends and myself as I prepare for this traveling journey.

Jo is a magnificentteacher and  has provided me spiritual counseling and mentoring for over 13 years. Her unique blend of intellect, creativity and magic has helped me better align my inner life and my outer life  by helping me develop my intuition, my relationship to the divine and my calling. Bright Livelihoods, would not exist without her loving support and wisdom.  I am very grateful for her, the work we have done together and would recommend her and her work to anyone who is ready to go deeper and have a more vibrant existence.You can join Jo’s blog and learn more here.

If you are looking for a mentor, think about these questions:

  • Who do you admire?
  • Who has wisdom you have not yet developed?
  • Who can help you find and follow your dreams?

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