Soul Adventure Series #2: Seven Boxes


Well, my adventure has been transformed from a car trek to a plane and train venture. The main reason for this transformation is that a foot injury would have prevented me from really enjoying a camping trip.This required me to pare down even further which was actually enjoyable and freeing.

This week I sent my 7th and final box of belongings to my sister’s attic in Easthampton, MA and sold my car. I will be traveling with two small suitcases, a computer and a purse.  I must say letting go of most of my stuff has been very freeing. Honestly, I was hoping to have less than 7 boxes but am pleased with my progress and here is the inventory,

1. Shoes

2. Photos and momentos

3. Spring and summer clothes

4. and 5. Fall and winter clothes

6. Christmas decorations (not opened since 2007)

7. Business and personal papers, tennis racket, yoga mat and some miscealanous stuff

Hmmm, now that I see it in print I must say it does not look so bad fro 52 years of collecting.  Next week I will be writing from my first stop on the journey, the North East and telling you about a creative project I am going to do while I travel. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

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