Soul Adventure Series #11: My Kind of Town

This is the last entry of this series since I have found and am settling into my new home, Lakeview in Chicago. I have been here since June and decided to move here last month instead of continuing to travel to see other places as options. Here are my top five reasons why:

1. I have become a member of a spiritual center called Bodhi which is a 15 minute walk from my home. No, it is not a cult but a place I have been looking for my entire life. The center embraces and celebrates all religions, inspiring leadership, has an extensive education program and most importantly, an amazing band and singers that inspire me to sing and move joyfully every Sunday.

2. People in Chicago are REALLY nice.

3. I have great friends that are like family here and it is an easy flight to TX, CA or New York with the rest my blood and soul family members are. In addition, my father grew up here and I have extended family here and I look forward to exploring my Chicago family roots.

4. I do not need a car here and I love my pedestrian life. It reminds me of when I moved to NYC for the first time. Every week there is a new neighborhood to explore and get to know from the ground. Yesterday I walked around Old Town and discovered great food, shopping, beautiful architecture and the perfect place to get assessed to buy the perfect sneakers for your needs– Fleet Feet.

5. My new city feels like it is going through a renaissance that is fertile ground for growing Bright Livelihoods. There are lots of possibilities for networking and business development for licensing our method here. Next week I am attending Chicago Ideas Week and one of the events allows me to experience a tech incubator called 1871.

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