Soul Adventure #6: Yoga after 50


I have a on again, off again relationship with yoga. I started going to classes at the Integral Center for Yoga on 13th street in New York twenty years ago and since then, have visited five ashrams, countless and varied classes around the US, and at one point in my journey, became a certified teacher. For about three months, I dabbled in teaching while I lived in Taos, NM where I taught beginners my own flavor of a gentle introductory class, called “No Sweat” Yoga. I like being a yoga student more than a yoga teacher.

Over the last four years while living in Austin, my main practice was very gentle and meditative. I became adept at something called yoga nidra which is a really fabulous guided meditaton one does while lying down. It improved my ability to concentrate and sleep, but it did not do too much healing for my aging, slightly injured  and inflexible, 52 year old body. When I turned 50, I visited the other end of the spectrum and joined a hot yoga center. I know some people swear by it, but is was really not my thing. I did yoga in a hot and humid room for four months until chronic nose bleads, dehydration and the realization that outdoor temperature exceeded the yoga room, brought me to my back to senses.

Since arriving in Western MA, I have found a wonderful Iyengar Center called Karuna in Nothhampton. One week of classes there have already made me feel more flexible, peaceful and strong. Iyengar is a system of yoga developed by a master named BKS Iyengar in India who helps people at all levels. I hope I can develop a more consistent practice by finding Iyengar centers on each leg of my journey. I will keep you posted…

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