Soul Adventure #4: Easthampton, MA and Jane Lynch

On Tuesday I arrived at my first destination,  at my sister’s new (but old) house in Easthampton, MA and am just getting my bearings. My niece, Katya who is home for the summer and goes to Smith College just 5-10 minutes away in Northhampton, where I am eating breakfast as I write this. I am passing time at a very quaint breakfast place before I go to check out my first local yoga class. One of my oldest and dearest friend’s lives nearby and has four horses. This area is a mix of old stately prep schools and colleges, rolling green hills, farms, clever shops  and lots of water– rivers, lakes and brooks. After living in Texas during the harshest drought in history, I am looking forward to being wet!

Enjoy this video of Jane Lynch, giving the commencement address at Smith last week:


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