Soul Adventure #10: Top Five Sites for Running a Virtual Business


I supported one of my clients as she went from the corporate world in NYC to creating and launching a lucrative and fun business she does from anywhere. In the spring, it occurred to me that I had the bones of such a business myself and I now live and work virtual as I am trying to unravel the mysteries of how to build significant traffic to this new site, create on demand coaching programs and look for the right investors, all while traveling around the country to visit friends, family and search for my new home.


One of the reason I can pull this off is that I have help from interesting companies that are serving people like me who have small businesses and small budgets but also have big ideas that can be scaled in this virtual world. Here are my top five virtual tools:


1. – I built this site with their tools for very little financial investment. However, I have learned recently that I may have been better off using for its ability to make changes and for search engine optimization, so make sure you check out both options.

2. – This site allows you to post to multiple media outlets including your own blog with one post.

3. – Over the years I have had many venders bid for the opportunity to take my IP and turn it into online learning. The bids ranged from $20,000 – $200,000. JigSawBox allows me this flexibility to do this myself and update products and programs as needed, for $67 a month!

4. – This allows me to set up virtual meetings with board members, colleagues and clients and record them if needed. It also allows me to set up public webinars and create videos that I can use for programs later.

5. AngelList – This is network for accessing investors and keeping up with other entrepreneurs.

Starting your own business has its challenges for the technology we have now makes it easier than ever to do your own thing.


Laurel Donnellan

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