Are you sabotaging your change process?

changeprocessWhile on the surface, this post might look like a promotion of our Career Masters class, don’t be fooled. This post is about two common struggles most of us go through.  The first being, understanding and communicating the value we offer, as people or through the services and products we sell.  Certainly, entrepreneurs run into this.  And career changers have big time challenges with this – clarifying value, knowing the words to use, choosing the right time to communicate.   The second thing this post is about is a coping strategy we often employ – going it alone; thinking we can create change in our lives all by our selves, without help from anyone or anything.

A very dear friend of mine is smack in the middle of “empty nest” syndrome and is struggling to figure out and implement what’s next for herself.  During one conversation on this topic, I said, “THIS IS PERFECT TIMING – you should join our Bright Livelihoods Career Masters class that starts on October 14th. It’s what we do! We help people figure out what’s next.

People who go through our programs make REAL changes in their lives.” Her response was “No, I’d feel weird about paying for something like that. I think I can handle it on my own.” Too, just a couple of weeks ago, after considering joining our Career Masters class, a prospective client said to me, “This is similar to things I’m doing on my own. I think I’ll continue that.”

Besides it being obvious that I need to better understand how to communicate the incredible value of our program, these two people are highly likely to have an unsatisfactory result in their “go it alone” methods. And that’s unfortunate. Judging by my go it alone attempts at change, if these two women are successful at all, it will take them five to ten times longer to make any changes, cost them more in time wasted, and they are likely to end up with a less than stellar outcome. The risk is high that they will settle for things that don’t really inspire them because of limiting beliefs, and fears, and all the other internal hullabaloo that stands in our way and is never challenged because we don’t force it into the light of day. In short, they don’t have a holistic process and they don’t have support, and without those two things, their chances of success are limited.

A few years back, Alan Deutschman wrote a great article for Fast Company, titled “Change or Die”. This article talked about why behavioral change is so darn hard, and what can be done to improve the chances for success. It referenced a Dr. Dean Ornish study that was designed to reduce the incidence and severity of heart disease. The program had an outstanding 77% behavioral change rate, even two years after the program had ended. The program directed the patients to eat a vegetarian lower fat diet AND it included twice-weekly group support sessions and instruction in meditation, relaxation, yoga and aerobic exercise. The article quoted Dr. Ornish as saying, “Providing health information is important but not always sufficient….We also need to bring in the psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions that are so often ignored.”

Precisely! Proven process, instruction, support, and a holistic context. All these are things the Bright Livelihoods Career Masters program offers. We are focused on solving the problem of career satisfaction (not heart disease), and our clients make huge shifts in eight weeks.

Did you know that 70% of Americans don’t like their jobs? That’s a lot of “meh” and “ugh” in our lives. Career satisfaction is a real problem. How do I find the resonance to shift someone like my friend into seeing the value of investing money and focused effort in her own change process? After all, an investment like that results in a faster answer to the painful question of what’s next, time and money saved by not spinning her wheels, faster time to sustainable income from work she loves doing, and a direct path to living a life that inspires.  Do yourself a favor, get some help in your change process.  And, of course, we think Career Masters is the way to go.  We’ve got three free workshops THIS week, and the class starts next Tuesday and runs for 8 weeks. Join us!

Kelly Dwyer is an entrepreneur, a Bright Livelihoods coach and Chief Growth Officer, and a lover of life changes. She is grateful for her dog Farley, who likes two walks a day, and for her amazing husband who just fixed the furnace with a part from the hardware store. Engineers rock!


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