Remarkable Work

It is even more important now that our economy is slowly recovering that we remember that we, the people in the workforce, are the economy, and we can improve it by focusing on doing remarkable work every day while planning a positive future.

Remarkable work is work in which you feel engaged, whole and ready to transform.

If you are doing remarkable work, you wake up most mornings excited about what you are going to do that day, committed to what is possible, and free to show up as your most authentic self.

Remarkable work is the best way to express your passions while contributing to yourself and others. I believe that this work is an outer expression of an inner call to purpose, and that seeking and following it is a noble endeavor. Fourteen years ago I dedicated my life to helping people navigate this journey and began studying people that had found ways to put their passions into practice at work. I call them the super-satisfied workers, whether they are on their own or working within organizations.

In this process, I identified twelve principles and practices that this group shared and organized them into a practical three-phase methodology called the Bright Livelihoods Method. This path consists of three distinct but connected parts.

The first pathway is called Leap One:The Past and allows you to retrace your past and explore the principles of courage, faith, awareness, and truth. The second pathway is called Leap Two: The Present, and will lead you to a deeper understanding about your attitudes and behaviors concerning health, relationships, money and work. The last pathway is called Leap Three: The Future and will prepare you for a future that includes remarkable work.

People dedicated to this path learn to be brave. They often have to fight off ideas of what is widely accepted as “successful” in order to carve their own way. Whether they infiltrate corporate structures with kindness, defy American materialism by devoting themselves to teaching children, or proudly make cupcakes as stay-at-home moms, they all have one thing in common: they have been or are currently on a search for work that is aligned with their personal values and natural talents.

The good news is that anyone can choose to have remarkable work if they study these principles and dedicate themselves to this deep process over the long term. If you care about finding your place in society and search for meaning in all activities, including work, you are ready for the Bright Livelihoods Method.

Here is a brief introduction to three of the method’s twelve practices. You can begin these today:

1.       Be a visionary: Whether you want to make your current job more meaningful or move to a new situation, the first step is to give yourself permission and the time to dream again. Spend an hour a week or some dedicated time on your vacation reflecting on this question: What am I passionate about and how can I incorporate these passions into my next career chapter?

2.       Play with Possibilities: Allow yourself to get out of your head and into your heart by being creative. Create a collage that contains the elements of your perfect work environment and put it up in a place where you can see it each day. Leave it up for a while and expand it by putting up post-it notes with your ideas for future projects, jobs and/or careers.

3.       Do Remarkable Work: As you are uncovering your best future, it is important to perform as well as you possibly can in your current work, whether or not you are doing your dream. This will build your self-esteem and help you gather energy for the transition ahead.

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