Real Quick Courage: A Mindful Careers Exercise

This week’s focus on courage – like all of our Bright Livelihoods principles – require practice; fun, introspective and enlightening practice.

Developing and using all three types of courage is the foundation of creating a remarkable career full of promise. In order to help you on this journey, here is an exercise to help you access your courage:

1. Write down three fears you have about changing your job or career.
2. Referring back to yesterday’s blog and the three examples of  courage, write down three things you can do in the next seven days to develop your courage muscles.

If you need a refresher on those three types of courage, here you go –

Mindful Courage Example: Instead of filling your calendar this weekend with chores and recreation, set aside one hours to reflect on the last six months and make a list of things you want to change in the next six months. Do not rush!

Mastery Courage Example: Make a list of 3 things you think you could do well if you had the chance to develop the skill and discuss the list with a trusted friend. Take a small step to explore developing one of the skills such as exploring schools or online courses.

Movement Courage Example: Do something small out of your comfort zone relating to work or life such as giving your boss some helpful feedback or singing karaoke.

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