Re-discovering Myself and My Purpose


When I transitioned out of my position as Marketing and Public Relations Manager for a prominent non-profit, it was through anxious moments and sleepless nights. I did a great deal of soul searching and engaged in close discussions with family members and friends.  At each turn, I wondered whether or not I was making a colossal mistake. Will this be a setback for my career I asked myself? After all when I joined the organization nearly seven years earlier, it was because I was passionate about the cause.

But now I was at a major crossroad between what my family needed from me, the level of attention that my position required and this empty unsettling feeling inside. Additionally, my mother who lives alone in a large, three-level, 100-year old Victorian house in Boston, was trying to get back on her feet after a series of surgeries.

To help me along in my journey on what was next, I had an in-depth discussion with my youngest sister, who is an entrepreneur with a great business sense. She referred me to Bright Livelihoods. She had come upon Bright Livelihoods online and was impressed by its work.  During my introductory phone conversation with Laurel, I knew that the time was right to make this journey. I had a pretty good sense that it would be a transformational experience, what was yet to be revealed was how much that change would impact my life and my perception of myself.

I began the sessions with some goals in mind; get a clear picture for work, dream more, find my purpose, learn about resources to assist me in my next venture, be passionate about my work, work with people who are open and get out of my comfort zone. My journey with Bright Livelihoods, took me on an exploration of my past, present and future.  I had a chance to dream, meditate, engage in visioning exercises and create a Purpose Statement.

Among my favorite activities was going on a passion hunt, exploring things that interests me. I also gained insight about myself from my soul adventure which gave me the freedom to venture out with no agenda or specific location in mind.

Our sessions came to an end as we neared the December holiday season. I was teary-eyed and sad to say the least. I felt like I was saying goodbye to a dear friend.  Along with friendship, I now could add Laurel to my circle of mentors. The support and tips that she provided over the months really helped me get through some ups and downs.  Even though our coaching sessions have ended, my soul journey and purpose leap forward…

Chinyere Ubamadu

Bright Livelihoods Graduate

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