Play with Possibilities


The key to finding hope for a better career is to be in your imagination and to play with possibilities. The hard part is to suspend your cynicism and consider the fact that you can build a successful career from a foundation of anything you truly love. In other words, anything you enjoy learning about or doing can become a livelihood if you use your imagination. If you love to read, you may enjoy a career in media or publishing. If you love children, you might become a teacher or create a product for parents. I even recently met a woman who is extremely successful who created a career out an obsession for dressing Barbie dolls:

Kelly Bryan is the Visual Manager of Menswear at Bloomingdales and when I asked her to rate how fun her job was from 1-10, she gave it a solid 10!  Her mother remembers pushing her in a stroller around a shopping mall and having to explain that the mannequins were not real because she was terrified of them. Ironically today she gets paid to dress mannequins along with her other duties of managing a staff of 5-7 people who create displays  for the flagship store for one of the most successful retailers in the world. 

Her work allows her to combine her varied interests of business, art, fashion, mentoring and interior design. She believes you can create work out of anything you love and life is too short to manage your career any other way. Her advice to anyone who does not like what they do is to be in touch with the signs of what you like or dislike and move toward happiness by fixing the things that do not work.

Laurel Donnellan, Founder and CEO




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