The kids are (finally!) in school. You’ve got more time & lots of ideas. Now what?

Parents who’ve been away from organized work are often as antsy as kids on a long road trip! If this is you, you’re ready to share your household CEO skills with the world! And the world needs you!

Next steps: Create and follow a plan. Even between jobs, you need to schedule your time. This element is key to realizing opportunities as they present themself.

  • Devote 3-5 hours a week to search for opportunities and events online that align with your interests.
  • Schedule another 5-10 hours a week to contact people you know who can help or hire you.
  • Plan to attend up to 4 live events each month if you can (that’s one per week). The events should be a mix of workshops, networking & conferences that relate to your passion/s.
  • Get out of your comfort zone up to 4 times a month. Make professional contact with someone you don’t know but admire. Attend an event solo. Sign up for a workshop that teaches you a new career-related skill.  The point is to stretch your creative muscle, refine your idea & practice elevator pitch in a “live” setting.

Now for the fun part: Your other time can be invested in your home, health, family and friends. Ask someone you love to hold you accountable to your plan. Seeking impartial feedback or a boost to your confidence? Talk to a Bright Livelihoods coach or join a Career Masters course for support & community.