Admit it: You’ve always wanted to be your own boss. If not now, when? It’s time you got serious about living your passion. Take it online (or off) & make your passion your profession.

Next steps: Choose an idea. You can’t start a business without a plan & you can’t plan until you settle on an idea. Create a list of 10 or more ideas, choose one that most excites you. Now keep going!

  • Research! Research! Research! How feasible is your idea?
  • Is your business an online solution or bricks-and-mortar service?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What are the resources (financial, physical) required to get your business up and running? Unless you’ve got bags of money or a number of investors, you’ll be operating with the minimum funds – like every other start-up! This shouldn’t deter you. You’re ready to take this leap.
  • Can you devote mental & physical time to this inspiring idea? (Hint: Yes, you can! Your whole life has led up to this moment!)

Have the “being boss” urge but can’t settle on an idea? Take a Career Masters course or consider one-on-one coaching to better understand your motivation & your career needs.