Past. Present. Future. Three Steps Toward Career Mastery

What is career mastery and why should I care about it?

Career Mastery is the ability to identify and develop passions and purpose and then, plan you next career chapter based on this knowledge. Most people go from one job to the next without stopping to pause and develop a thoughtful plan. This process requires you to reflect on you past, assess your present and create a personal plan for your future. The result will be creating a mindful career based on inspiration and not convenience. The work can be difficult but well worth it.

My experience is that developing career mastery creates many benefits including increased job/career happiness, lower stress levels, better health and more harmonious relationships on and off the job. At Bright Livelihoods, we have a three-part road map (above) that helps people do this important inside-out career planning.

Uncovering your true self takes practice. Creating a plan that allows you to flourish takes a partner. Join me for Career Masters September session & become the master of your career. Hurry! Time is running out!


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