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Thanks for joining us as we explore the philosophy of compassionate coachingThe first of three foundational practices is love. For the purposes of coaching, love is defined as the demonstrating a sacred regard for the client, their circumstances, and the world. For effective coaching, the coach has to be spiritually prepared to cultivate feelings of hope and safety through love.

Client – An expert coach provides a sacred container where they practice unconditional love through-out the coaching engagement. The best preparation for this practice is opening their heart and look at the client through a lens of positivity.

Circumstances – Clients come to coaching with a history and challenges. Coaches often have to put their own biases and experience a side so they can look at their circumstances with love and the have faith that every problem from the past or present can be overcome. Holding these problems as opportunities for growth on the client’s behalf can help accelerate the learning and healing.

World – Compassionate coaches must hold the world in a positive light and believe in a positive future. This is not easy. It takes personal spiritual work done well to embrace the beauty while making meaning of the difficulties. Coaches can only help clients create change if they believe that change makes things better.

Keep reading after the break for quick exercises you can do to unlock love’s enormous potential whether you decide to work with a career coach or not.

Compassionate coaching isn’t a new concept. Ideally, all coaching – executive, life, sports – should focus on a holistic, compassionate approach. We know, however, that the idea may be new to you and you are what matters. Join us in 2018 for 8 weeks of live, online compassionate coaching: become a Career Master! CEO Kelly Dwyer would love to see you beginning January 18, 2018. Learn more at Career Masters.

So… How can YOU make the most of your visits with a compassionate coach? This exercise in LOVE can help you get to the heart (pun intended) of the role LOVE plays in your career aspirations. Whether you have a coach or not, you can begin this process by cultivating love for yourself, your circumstances and the world right now:

  • Think about one thing you can do for yourself today that is loving – a short walk (lunchtime fresh air or an evening stroll with a loved one), spending 10 minutes revisiting a hobby (what would it look like to pick up those paint brushes again or sign up for guitar lessons?) Now…DO IT (that’s, arguably, the most difficult part but if you keep the time period short… just enough time to explore, you’re more likely to do one loving thing for yourself today).
  • Think about one challenge you’re facing currently. Ponder how this challenge can be overcome and write down three possibilities for how this could happen.
  • Observe the world and the news through a hopeful lens for one day and spread one piece of good news to your friends verbally or on social media.

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