Office Politics Getting to You?

Often people decide to seek career coaching when office politics gets in the way of satisfaction or advancement.

Wikipedia defines office politics as a slang term for the often counterproductive human factors present between coworkers in an office environment. Your ability to tolerate and navigate office politics may be an indication of whether or not you need and are ready for a job or career change and executive career coaching.

Can you identify with one of the following three office politics tolerance levels?

  • Level Three: You love playing and winning the political game. You see the antics of your bosses, peers and subordinates as amusing and know how to benefit from office politics by being aware, strategic and charming.
  • Level Two: In the past you were great at the game but your patience for gossip, biased promotions and other trivial matters that are a symptom of office politics is waning. Your desire to play this sport is gone and you get annoyed by wasting time with petty issues while there are more important things to do.
  • Level One: You never bought into the game and you can’t even fake it anymore. You have lost respect for people playing the game and you may lose sleep thinking about how office politics is hurting your ability to do your job and your organization’s ability to be effective and productive.

If you identify with level one or two, it may be time for a change. We can help by providing you with expert career coaching for coping with your office politics or transitioning to a better environment.

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