New Programs for Coaches and Career Development Pros

I am very excited to announce we have a simple new process for Coaches and Career Developers to help you and your practice called The Tools for Pros Course. 

When I decided to make career change coaching my life’s work, I researched many other approaches before deciding to create my own methodology. I attended classes and programs with many experts in the field of personal growth and career development, including: Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Barbara Sher, Richard Bolles, Gregg Levoy, Frederick Hudson, Rick Jarow, Julia Cameron, Matthew Fox and SARK. In this intensive search for a complete 360-degree approach to career and life planning, I ultimately decided to create a new approach that has evolved into The Bright Livelihoods Method. This twelve part, patented process helps people examine their past, assess their present and plan their future through the lens of calling:


In our approach to career change coaching, we take a bold stand in the belief that anyone can find a calling, the best way to express passions and purpose, if they are willing to do the work we provide with the assistance of a coach that has been trained in our process. Our coaches use the following foundational guiding principles when working with clients through the twelve stages of the process:

· Dream Advocacy – We always maintain faith in the possibility that clients can find and practice their soul work, meet (or more fully meet) their highest potential, and make positive changes in their lives. And, when appropriate, we gently push clients to reach further than they thought possible. Throughout the process we listen for soul work possibilities and help our clients keep an ongoing list.

· Wisdom – We espouse a “lead from behind” approach: we respect clients’ limits, show gentleness towards their vulnerability, and never impose our own values or hopes on them. We believe that Bright Livelihoods work represents a partnership between coaches and clients and we learn from each other throughout the process.

· Trust – We understand that the Bright Livelihoods model works on creating lasting change and can take time. We are patient with our clients and the process, and help our clients to be patient as well. We believe in the power of trusting relationships and our methodology.

· Partnership – We acknowledge when a client’s issue or block is beyond our expertise and show savvy in assessing client need, conferring with our colleagues and making referrals to other professionals.

· Safety – We are able to witness, hold the space for, and appropriately respond to a full range of emotions. We listen deeply and openly. We are tolerant and supportive of differing values.

· Focus – We appropriately use self disclosure, focusing on the need of the client and knowing that self-disclosure should be used instructionally and prudently.

· Expertise – We judiciously use and balance strategizing, advising, guiding, questioning, challenging, giving honest feedback, and listening.

· Awareness – We know our own issues, strengths, biases, projections, fears, and sore spots and we seek out coaching from a Bright Livelihoods Master Guide whenever we have a question or concern that we cannot manage ourselves.

· Grace – We expect and accept that aspects of our process are spiritual and mystical. We develop our attunement to this and honor our clients’ personal experience of grace.

· Mastery – We strive to become masterful as speakers, coaches, guides and teachers.

· Authenticity – We balance our allegiance to the Bright Livelihoods methodology with our own inner knowing and experience.

As you may suspect, this is not a simple career change coaching process. It takes people with special skills and a unique life story to cultivate growth on so many levels and to help people through career/life transitions.

In order to help more people we have developed a simple process so you can use our method and materials in your organization or private practice. Join us for The Tools for Pros Course beginning August 10th. 

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