Monday Mantra: Integrity

Words have power! If you say it and you believe it, you’re more likely to live that truth! The Mindful Careers mantras are a few sentences that speak to the core principle of each step. You don’t have to use them all, You don’t have to use any of them. But Monday’s are a great day to try a mantra out (or write your own!). I’d be honored if you tried the one I wrote for Integrity (or any of the other Mindful Career mantras) during a 1 minute moment of quiet during your Monday.

You just might find a sentence or two that become your foundation for a great day, a wonderful week, a truly mindful life.



Intention For Integrity

Today, I’ll pause & ask why.
Why am I working? Why am I living?
Why am I spending too little time on those things that are important & so much time being busy?
I’ll whole-heartedly ask & answer these questions. I’ll realign my thinking & doing around my purpose.
I’ll connect to inspiration & direct my actions to a higher calling.

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