Mindful Careers: Weekend Balance

Happy weekend everyone! We’re taking it easy. Most of us tend to want to “fix” things. Immediately. In our fast-paced world, it’s not about how well you do something, it’s about how quickly you can do it well. While some tasks and situations require immediate action, others can, no SHOULD, be approached in a more mindful way.

Balance is like that. I’d like you to give yourself permission, this weekend, to take a day off from doing too much. Sound easy? It’s going to require some focus. Just for a day, put space in your schedule for relaxation and inactivity. Yes. inactivity. No multi-tasking. No to-doing. Be lazy, but in a good, restorative way.

Here are some ideas on how:

  • do not set the alarm before you go to bed
  • leave your phone in another room before you go to bed (I dare you)
  • sit on a porch, bench or other friendly, comfortable spot outside and just watch – no book, no phone, no sketch pad to distract you from the simple, enjoyable act of being inert
  • find a quiet spot – at home, at the park, on a patio – and start a book you’ve meant to read, even if you’re midway through another book (the point is to start fresh)
  • cancel all chores for the day and ask your kids or partner if they’d like to: talk a walk, kayak, go for a drive without a destination, play in the sprinkler – something totally unscheduled
  • go offline for an entire 12-to-24 hour period
  • if that seems too daunting, go for an entire morning (3-to-4 hours) before turning to your tv, radio, phone, laptop
  • take a nap in the sun (or shade if you prefer)
  • invite a friend out for an impromptu coffee date, lunch date, ice cream cone run – no plans, just call up (or text if you like) and go

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