Mindful Careers Motivation: Awareness

Beginning of the week! Hurrah! All that potential just waiting to be put to good use. Let’s start it off right with motivation for greater awareness.

You already know that awareness can have a positive impact on your personal life. You may not have tried applying it to your career, however. Or maybe you have tried applying the concept throughout your day only to get discouraged or beat yourself up because you just couldn’t find the time.

Awareness – like all the principles for a mindful career – takes practice. That’s where a mantra comes in. A mantra is like laps in a pool, daily asanas on the yoga mat or reps at the gym. Listening to a daily mantra gets us ready to move through our day with the correct form. Repeating it builds the muscle memory. Feel free to use the motivation here as a mantra or create your own.






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