Mindful Careers: Love means honoring all relationships

Creating – and sustaining – your mindful career requires you to have mindful relationships on and off the job.

It is impossible to love what you do if you do not enjoy your co-workers and/or clients. In addition, if work gets in the way of having healthy relationships in your personal life, the work will eventually become emotionally, unsustainable.

Early on in my career, I tolerated working for a few bullies. Since my early 30s, however, I’ve had the privilege of working for and with people I admired and respected. When I was in the hospitality business, I took on sometimes rude, demanding and disgruntled guests as a sport and worked to charm them into contentment. It was a win for the customer but I often worked so much that I lost touch with my family and became an inattentive friend.

In my current career I have made a lot of space for love. I work with people I consider family and have clients that are amazing. In addition, my friendships are the most important part of my life and I see or speak to a close friend every day. This shift has been deliberate and overall I am happy with the progress I’ve made in building a strong network and great working relationships. Personally, since I am single, my virtual job has given me the ability live in many locations and the flexibility to see my family and friends, including my dear nieces and nephews who I’ve had the honor of seeing for extended periods as they’ve grown. Right now, I’m living in Austin and Chicago. I have many strong business ties to Chicago which makes it a good place for me professionally. I have a sister who is very ill in Austin so my choice to be virtual is especially helpful as I can travel back and forth without too much pressure on my business.

Before you launch into your next career chapter, take stock of your own relationships – who you love and why they’re spirit affects you in such a positive way –  so you can make informed choices about what you do, where you do it and how you do it.

Stay tuned for our exercise in love coming up later this week.

Until then, take a deep breath. Inhale love, exhale those relationships that are no longer beneficial (to either of you). And have a great work week.

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