Mindful Careers Exercise: Create Your Vision

See Soul Work. In the last post, I  shared a piece of my vision with you. Now, it’s time to focus your attention inward. You can put this into practice for yourself by just dedicating some time to envision what the best work scenario is for you in the future. This exploration can be a simple as going to a café with a blank journal, taking out art supplies to create a vision board or calling a trusted friend to explore your ideas.

Here are three questions to begin your journey to a clearer vision for your next career chapter:

  • What three things do you want to be different, in your career, one year from now?
  • What does your ideal workplace look like? (be very specific)
  • What is your dream job or business?

As always, get in touch if you feel stuck or check out any of our Mindful Career series posts on the blog for inspiration.

Love, Laurel


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