Mindful Careers: An Exercise For Authenticity

Authenticity isn’t easy, especially in an age of pretty, polished social media. We feel pressure to chase perfectionism or model our wardrobe/home/career/everything after someone who seems to have it all together…in a 1:1 square Instagram photo. That’s not to say that all people who live their lives or run their businesses across multiple channels aren’t being authentic. It does mean, however, that our own authenticity can get muted in the noise of all that crafted content.

Here’s an exercise designed to turn the focus back on to the authentic you.

Identify your interests/talents/style/preferred environment, referring to our blog post on authenticity if you need a refresher. My own examples include:

  • Interests – Spirituality, Mindfulness, Education Reform
  • Talents – Speaking, Inspiring, Coaching
  • Style – Deep, Humorous, Caring
  • Environment – Virtual Office, Nature, Free Expression

Now brainstorm three things that you could do to express these passions, other than what you are doing now. My own examples include:

  • Work for an education technology company or incubator
  • Help start a spiritual community
  • Make a documentary film about education reform

Make a plan to focus on one of your ideas for 7 days and see what happens…take who you are and what you are interested in more seriously.

If you don’t, others won’t.


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