Mindful Careers: An Exercise For Abundance

Happy Monday to you all. Let’s kick-start this week, kick-start some career abundance.

In our current step, we’re exploring the ways abundance philosophy helps us professionally – whether we’re searching for sustainable work, considering taking on more responsibility at our current job or taking on a complete career 180. Last week, I shared with you the idea of the 4 Ms – mind / management / master / marketing. These 4 Ms tie together nicely – a big bow on top of the gift of abundance. Like all the Mindful Careers steps, this one takes a bit of practice. As with any habit worth forming, this one will ultimately make a difference in your quest for a more meaningful life & a more mindful career:

Mind – Actions that will help you feel more abundant:
Get help managing and paying down debt
Create a personal spending plan and update it each month
Create a business plan to see if your idea has a good return on investment (ROI). Mastery: Actions that will help you develop your natural talents into marketable skills.

Management – Actions that will help you create financial clarity and organization:
Starting the 1st of next month, keep strict records of all money inflows and outflows including all cash you might spend as a foundation for a budget
Brainstorm ten ways you can increase your revenue and choose one to implement immediately. This can include,asking for a raise or making money from a hobby
Brainstorm ten ways you can decrease your expenses and choose one to implement immediately. This can include simple things like making coffee or tea at home or more complex like refinancing your house

Mastery – Actions that will help you develop your natural talents into marketable skills:
Go back to school – if formalized education seems too cost or time prohibitive to you, look for free or low-cost classes offered in your community: libraries, community centers, meet-up classes, even an online class can boost your skill set
Find a mentor and have them recommend you on how to advance in your field
Develop a discipline to practice and hone your craft, like writing daily or doing volunteer work until your skills improve enough to translate into a paid position

Marketing: Actions that will help you test the feasibility of making money:
Test your business idea by creating a focus group of potential clients
Send your résumé out to as many of your contacts as possible
Create a MeetUp.com group to attract new clients to your freelance business
Solicit help from friends to expand your network
Get feedback from your boss or your clients
Find a person who is good at sales to partner with

Additionally, there are several questions to ask yourself
What messages am I telling myself that may create a lack versus an abundance mentality?
How can I create a more prosperous attitude?
Refer to the 4 M’s and brainstorm a list of ten habits you can adapt to create more prosperity.
Choose 3 ideas from your list and create a plan to carry out in the next day.

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