Mindful Careers – Abundant Opportunities

A simple way of looking at the word abundance is to think about it as the lack of lack. In regards to work and making career changes this principle can apply to ideas, opportunities, time as well as money. Developing prosperous habits requires you to embrace a positive outlook and seize any challenge as an opportunity placed in front of you.

All too often we are choosing from a ‘lack’ instead of abundance. This can drain the energy we could be using to pursue our dreams. Even worse, always seeing our lives, our choices, as lacking potential or options can have harmful effects on our mental health.

In thinking about this practice, I have created four types of habits that I refer to as the 4M’s of Prosperity: Mind, Management, Mastery and Marketing.

Here are examples of activities that will prepare you to create more abundance:
Volunteer your time to someone less fortunate
Spend time developing your dreams
Keep a daily gratitude journal

I’ll be back on Thursday with an exercise to get you thinking (and acting!) about abundance.

Until then, try resisting the urge to operate from a sense of lack. There is always someone who might look at your life, your options, your strengths and see abundance that they don’t see for themselves. Take a look at your life from there vantage point. What three simple abundances can you list?


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