Mindful Careers: A Conversation About Faith

The principle of faith is the foundation of a mindful career. For our purposes, faith is not necessarily connected to an organized religion but it could be, depending on your experience. Faith is a personal, positive and enduring belief. You can think of it as your personal north star and something to hold on to when you are uncertain, stressed or challenged.

People are tested in jobs often. Whether it is questioning a current career trajectory, dealing with a difficult boss or learning new skills, having faith will help you get through the rough parts. Having faith will help you get back to a more centered and confident place. Creating a mindful and more positive work experience will require you to dig deeper. You’ll need to define a personal point of view about what you believe and how you want to put it into practice.

Here is the simple yet powerful faith equation that will allow you to connect to your soul (or core) and develop more clarity and comfort at work while you create your vision for the future:
Point of View + Practice = Peace

Simple, right? Well, maybe not for you right this minute but stay with me.  Tomorrow I’ll explain how 1 + 1 = peace. For all of you teachers out there, think of it as a mindful careers “show your work” session.

Until then, breathe in faith and exhale doubt.

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