Speaking and Media Kit – Laurel Donnellan

Video and Radio clips

Laurel Donnellan Speaking on Vision Quest

NPR feature on Kid Book Kamp

Brainstorms Radio Show with Nora Claver – Born to Do interview

Laurel Donnellan interview by Lilou Mace

Speaking and Interview Topics

Bright Livelihoods: Career Change for Adults

Born to Do: The Practical Guide for Loving Your Work

Born to Do U: Career Prep for Teens and Young Adults

Career Yoga:Five Principles to Move to More Meaningful Work

Creating a Career Prep Culture: Tips for Educators

Creating a Career Prep Family: Tips for Parents

Career Change and Renewal for Adults

         Creating a Remarkable Workplace

Creative Careers for the Innovation Economy

Four Days and Four Nights: My Gratitude for a Native American Vision Quest

How to Start Your Own Business for $100

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