Mastery and Changing Your Career

“If people knew how hard I have had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful.” Michelangelo

I talk to adults everyday who want to make a dramatic change in their world of work. Their first challenge is doing enough research and soul searching to find a discipline or job that will hold their interest over the long term. For some, this new career leverages their education and skill set. For others, this new commitment will require them to learn entirely something new.  Either way, in order to become successful in a new career, you must be willing to put time and attention into becoming an expert in your industry as it relates to current events and often, mastering new skills.

More than ever your future depends on your willingness to learn which means that before you master something, you have to be a student first. Of course that means you will make mistakes and probably ask for a lot of help as you learn. This prospect may be preventing you from the benefits of learning new things as an adult and ultimately getting in the way of future challenges and happiness.

In the past we were programmed to believe that as we aged, we could rest on our education and accomplishments in order to build a career and this is no longer true. Our ability to be resilient and employable in this new economy rests on our ability to become curious and dedicate ourselves to mastering new skills and technologies. This shift is not easy. I have been through my own struggles myself as I have resisted new technologies which my clients need. In the last few years, thanks to the help of my colleague Paul, I have learned how to blog, how to set up a social network, how to do webinars and conduct video calls.  None of this has been easy and I am still learning which means I make errors but I have had to become willing to become humble about learning.  I still need a lot of practice to become masterful at all these new skills but I am determined to get there.

Think about ways you can stretch and develop mastery in things that you are interested in but may be resisting. Watch this fun video for inspiration:

Laurel Donnellan, CEO Bright Livelihoods

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