Live Your Genius Podcast: Meet A Career Master!


Ever wonder what it takes to break free from your woulda, coulda, shoulda cycle and do what you were born to do?

laurabListen in as Laura Berland, Chief Marketing Officer of StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson, joins us to discuss how Bright Livelihoods helped her realize her passion project Real people, real challenges, real successes – it is possible to Live Your Genius!

Ready to do what you were born to do? Join us for the next Career Masters course! An amazing 8-week journey to uncover your passion & create a plan to realize the work that you were born to do. Not ready to join a group conversation (you are, by the way)? Contact Bright Livelihoods for your free 30-minute coaching session with Founder Laurel Donnellan @ 512.222.6651.

Whether you join us for an 8 weeks or give our 30 minute coaching session a try, it’s all about showing you that the time is right to Live Your Genius.

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