Coach Certification

glass buildingBright Livelihoods coach certification for professionals program provides tools to all generations, to people in all walks of life.   Our programs are curriculum based, which means that our specially trained professional coaches draw on a shared methodology to help people all over the world and ensure that we get great results every time. All the BL Coaches on our team began as our clients and we continue to recruit the best qualified coaches from this group who begin as students first.

We offer accreditation and licensing agreements to innovators in private practice or to professionals in values-driven organizations such as companies, schools and social services providers, who are seeking highly effective tools to help their employees, students or clients. Our programs are designed to clarify passions, purpose and direction. Our certification programs train these professionals in a step-by-step process to obtain the skills and qualifications to lead our individual and group programs for kids, teens, and adults.

All accredited coaches become part of our learning community and have the support of our organization to help them implement and deliver these programs effectively. Our diverse group of accredited coaches includes executives, teachers, school guidance counselors, human resource executives, spiritual advisers, social workers, therapists, and artists.  Meet our team.

Our Certification Program provides:

  • Personal and professional development that focuses on your strengths and purpose
  • Proven methodology that accelerates learning and transforms purpose into action
  • Access to ongoing learning and support from a network of pioneer thinkers
  • Well designed materials and learning aids to equip you with tools for the future
  • The Facilitator Guide and program guides for one-on-one and group programs
  • Ten Day on site certification workshop or 5-10 week online class
  • Pre-work and post-work to ensure competencies are in place
  • One-hour one-on-one feedback and completion session with a master coach after the program
  • Online and phone support for implementing your programs
  • Ongoing group delivery coaching

The application process for admittance includes:

  • Completing a BL program as pre-work to certification program
  • An application and interview process that assesses fit for the certification

Consult our Calendar of Events to see when our next program is offered.  Please call Laurel Donnellan directly if you are interested in exploring this option at 512-222-6651.