Learning from People Who Followed a Dream

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated with people who have clear dreams about work and who make them happen, whether they be celebrities or people I know.

My grandfather was a self-made entrepreneur who built a plumbing contracting business with his brother. My father was always fascinated with science fiction and mechanics as a young boy and ended up working as an engineer for IBM for over 40 years while that company went from selling adding machines to mainframe computers to PCs. In my corporate career I had the privilege of working for Chuck Feeney, who co-founded duty free shopping and was a pioneer in combining altruism with business.

Eventually, I found a career that gives me a chance to explore this passion for finding and following dreams every day. In the development of our Bright Livelihoods method for finding and following a calling, I researched, sought out and interviewed many people who love what they do for a living, including teachers, business people, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs. In this study, I found that they had a few things in common:

1. When they work, they lose track of time.

2. They are curious about their craft or field of study no matter how long they have been at it, and continue to hone skills and knowledge.

3. They feel at home with their work, and with their peers and colleagues who are also striving for excellence. They admire this “tribe” of others who love what they do.

4. They have a story about obstacles they have overcome to get to the point of enjoying their work.  Their paths have wisdom in them and they often are generous about sharing this wisdom.

5. They can answer the following three questions:

What are your talents?

What is your purpose or dream?

What is your plan for your purpose?

If you are ready to answer these questions and find your calling, begin today by going to www.brightlivelihoods.com and taking our free career change assessment.

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