Jonnie Jensen is committed to people loving their work, having successful relationships and enjoying great health. He lives in Maidstone, England with his wife and two young sons.

Jonnie has a degree in business & innovation and has worked successfully in marketing since 1998, first in leading agencies in London and Amsterdam, and since 2000 with a focus on digital marketing/  He has worked for Lycos UK as Marketing Manager, Buongiorno UK as Head of Marketing, and run his own agency in mobile marketing and social media marketing.

After taking the Landmark Forum in 2006, Jonnie has been on his own personal development journey. Inspired by Paul Lanzarotti and the possibility of discovering his own calling, Jonnie completed the Bright Livelihoods program in 2009.

He is now a coach and is passionate about helping people live a life they love. Jonnie enjoys keeping fit (which includes the occasional triathlon or marathon), cooking great food and laughing with his friends and family. Chicago is his second home on account of having many family members there and his ambition is to create work that has him split his time between the UK and USA.