Intention for Authenticity

“Why all this focus on intentions?” “I feel silly saying these things out loud.” “When will I feel like something’s changing after I’ve said the intention?”

Sound familiar? These are questions I get surrounding the benefit, the usefulness, of setting and reciting intentions. The great thing is, if you’re asking the questions, you’re closer to the answers. You’re asking rather than dismissing.

Intentions are the foundation of change, the ladder to your dreams. By setting them or by reciting any (or all!) of the ones we include with each step, you’re sending out into the world those things that you seek. By hearing yourself set an intention, you create a mental muscle memory. Like reps at the gym, your mental focus, clarity and vision for where you want to go & who you want to authentically be.

I will stop hiding who I really am, right now
I will stop pretending to be interested in things that do not interest me
I will explore, claim, and work to master my talents, especially if they are new and challenging
I will strive to start positive conversations about subjects that matter to me & make a point to withdraw from conversations that bring me down
I will devote myself to learning all I can about who I really am & use my authenticity to make an impact

Recite & enjoy!

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