I Lost A Job I Never Really Liked…Now What?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Question from reader: Over the last few years, I have grown to dislike my job more and more. The business was recently closed.  Part of me is relieved, but I am also anxious since I did not prepare for this. Any advice?

The first thing to do is be very gentle with yourself and try not to panic. This can be an opening to a better career if you try not to rush back into the same type of work. Here are five things to do immediately:

  1. Take care of your basic needs and health. Rest, good food, enough water and exercise can be the best foundation through a stressful transition.
  2. Assess your finances to see how long you can go without working and apply for unemployment immediately.
  3. Take a day or two to be with supportive family and friends. Even when you leave a job that you did not like, it is still a shock to lose your livelihood. Be gentle with yourself.
  4. Begin looking at this as a window to a new path. Create a list of jobs that you are qualified for that you may enjoy more than your old job. Begin the job search when you are clear about what skills you have that you want to put to use now and what type of environment may better suit you.
  5. Create a list of possible dream jobs you would like to pursue in the future. These opportunities may require more education or training than you have now. Research those possibilities as you search for a job.

The next job you land may not be your dream job, and that is ok. You just want to make sure your next position takes you closer to work you will eventually love.

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