Bright Livelihoods has a variety of helpful webinars, each of which are around 20-45 minutes.  These webinars will give you a taste for a variety of topics, and if you should feel inspired to go a little deeper:

Creative Careers in the Innovation Economy

Success Follow Dreams

How to Start a Business for $100

Bright Livelihoods: Career Change for Adults

Career Yoga

Turn Worry into Wonder:Tips for Parents

Dream Job Series -Week One: Courage and Your Dream Job with Alastair Ong, CEO GreenSoul Shoes

Dream Job Series – Week Two: Faith with Jim Marshall, Coach and Therapist

Dream Job Series – Week Three: Awareness with Kelly Dwyer, International Project Manager, Rally Software

Dream Job Series – Week Four: Truth with Crystal Kadakia, Coach and Training and Development Executive at P&G

Dream Job Series – Week Five: Balance  with Barbara Biro, Holistic Healer

Dream Job Series – Week Six: Love with Jim Marshall, Coach and Therapist

Dream Job Series – Week Seven: Abundance with Laurel Donnellan

Dream Job Series – Week Eight: Authenticity with Dr. Jo Todd, Depth Psychologist

Dream Job Series – Week Nine: Creativity with Sean Harvey, Coach and Consultant

Dream Job Series – Week Ten: Integrity with Dr. Lise Krieger, Educator

Dream Job Series – Week Eleven: Vision with Raymond Sinatra, Financial Executive

Dream Job Series – Week Twelve: Commitment with Lili Feldmann, Therapist and Educator

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