Resources For Young Adults


Bureau of Labor Statistics:


This site is built around something known as an Occupational Outlook Handbook, and it is a terrific resource for finding a plethora of career information. Look at it as a sort of dictionary that if one takes the times to scroll through, one might find intense job descriptions, everything from the history of a company, the work environment, payment, and a variety of other areas. Further, it has careers from all over the map, including healthcare, farming, and the arts.

Career Girl Network:

Career advice for women.


A place for people just starting out in their careers. A great place to find internships and entry-level jobs.

Intern Match:

Find internships and entry-level jobs.

“Jobs in Great Places”:


This is a unique company as well as a tight niche. If you desire working outdoors and finding meaning in a more natural way then I would give this a read. They cater to those jobs in national parks, ranches, camps, ski resorts, and jobs on the water as CoolWorks has portrayed it. They are located on Yellowstone River, and offer summer jobs, seasonal market jobs, as well a volunteer jobs.



Code Academy:

Learn to code online for free. Options include python, html, javascript, and others.


Find free online courses from great colleges and universities.


Language learning online.



Sites such as this one are tough to find because of the bona fide passion that rings deep with this innovative company. They have committed to honing in on skills built for this proud, technologically savvy generation.

Harvard Extension School:

Free open courses from Harvard.

Khan Academy:

Online classes.

Revolution Prep:

Academic tutoring and test prep.

Road Trip!:


This organization creates meaningful, personal growth experiences that allow students to feel hopeful about the future instead of panicked. It aspires to help young adults connect what they are learning to the real world. Students are sent on road trips all over the U.S., and along the way are asked to create their own personal project as well as interview people that interest them in their creative fields. Road Trip Nation can bring a lot of opportunity to young adults, and lets them ask the questions they want to ask about life.

University of Oxford:

Podcasts from the University of Oxford

Finding a College

My College Guide:


This site is a survival guide for newly incoming college/university students. Whatever the qualm may be, this site likely has at least a paragraph or two on it.  Are you worried about how you’re going to pay for school? What is college life like? What major is right for me? All of these questions can be answered here, and if your answers aren’t readily available, then you may “ask the guru.”

Career Rookie:

UnknownThis is site is mildly more basic, but nonetheless, it is to the point and still wishes to contribute to your dream career. It provides a search engine that enables one to find internships, part-time jobs, and entry-level jobs. Post your resume and further your resources here!

 College Express:


Once signed up for a free membership, folks are welcome to a variety of scholarship listings as well as have access to 700 college lists, articles, blogs, and more importantly advice from professionals. They also entice students with a chance to win a 10,000 dollar scholarship upon joining! Hey, that doesn’t sound too bad.


College Board:


College Board has dedicated itself to providing the user with three essential tools: college readiness, college connections & success, and advocacy. They deliver the user with services such as PSAT classes as well as Advanced Placement curricula. More than anything College Board has its mind set on aiding those students & young souls who have yet to cross over into the world of higher education.





A student loan calculator.


Financial tips for young adults.

U.S. News and World Report:


This site makes it seem a bit more manageable to scroll through the news. It keeps the viewer up-to-date on topics such as law, health, education, and opinion articles. The easy layout allows for the user to travel comfortably amongst the selections of interesting topics.