Five Tips for Maintaining Balance During Career Transition

Finding new, exciting and meaningful work is deeply rewarding.

When work is aligned with our most important values and deepest passions, joy, excitement, and a sense of true accomplishment become part of daily life.

To clarify purpose and move into this type of work, it is important to maintain emotional and spiritual balance.

This requires us to tune out the endless barrage of noise coming from the outside world, and begin to listen to our inner wisdom and intellect, developed from our unique life experience.

Below are five tips to help you begin to cultivate your emotional and spiritual well-being.

1. Devote time to dreaming and clarifying purpose. Schedule time for your dreams just like you schedule that last meeting you attended. Make your dreams a priority.

2. Go out of your way to discover and acknowledge the skills, talents, and accomplishments of family, friends, and coworkers.

3. Spend time with people who care about you and believe in your dreams.

4. Allow time for play, recreation, and fun. Discover what this is for you and make sure to have as much of it as humanly possible!

5. Find a good teacher and learn how to do something you’ve always believed was impossible. If you hold a belief that you can’t sing, learn to draw, shoot a basketball, or speak another language because you weren’t “born with it”, now is the time to challenge those beliefs.

If you need in proof in this area look no further than the link below for inspiration!

Have a story about finding your purpose and moving into your Soul Work? Have any tips of your own for developing and maintaining balance during your own career transition?

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Manny Hagman

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