We know you have questions before starting our program - or, at least, you should have! So we've assembled a few answers for you. As always, please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call if your question isn't addressed below.

Q: How is your program different from other career programs?
A: There are five key ways Bright Livelihoods Programs are different:

  1. Our approach is results-oriented and proven. We continue to develop & hone our comprehensive curriculum which has a 100% client satisfaction rating since 2008.
  2. Our orientation is DREAM first. JOB second. We know that anyone can have “more than just a job” but work fueled by purpose & passion if given the right tools.
  3. Our methodology is holistic. Our programs address health, relationships on & off the job, money, personal drivers & passions as well as practical career issues.
  4. Our programs are universal. Our approach has been adapted by a wide variety of ages, cultures & backgrounds. We are meeting our clients’ needs whether they are 17 or 67, in prison or on Wall Street, living in Beijing or Duluth.
  5.  We do not use standardized assessments, which are flawed. We rely on our client’s ability to explore real-world possibilities, process information, use their imagination and ultimately be the expert as they create & implement a plan for a better future.

Q: Which Bright Livelihoods program is right for me?
A:  We offer a range of options: one-to-one coaching, online courses, books in print - to guide you.

So, if you prefer the singular focus of private consultation, a one-to-one coaching course is perfect for you. Got a long commute? Check out one of our books. Like learning online, on your own time? We have several options to fit your time and your wallet.

Q: How do I know if you can help me?
A: Bright Livelihoods can help if you are:

  • in a career transition and need a roadmap
  • over your job and don’t know what to do next
  • loving what you do and want to up your game
  • an entrepreneur and don’t know which idea to choose
  • a leader wanting to make an impact from the inside out
  • need help taking your business or job search to the next level
  • at a point in your professional life where you're considering the legacy you'll leave behind