Exercise for Commitment

Welcome back to the final principle of the Bright Livelihoods Mindful Career series! I’ve designed a three-step guide to help you create an effective weekly action plan for career development and change.

Step One – Based on your current job of career status, pick one of these three focuses for the week:

  • Dream Launcher – You know what your dream job is but you need support getting there. Your primary objective is to create a dream job or business. You need to create structure for going from dream to reality.
  • Job Seeker – You have no idea what your dream job is, but right now, you need a new job. Your objective is to get a job (and find a dream). You need help to balance job searching with soul searching.
  • Dream Seeker – You need help clarifying your dream job. Your primary objective is to create a compelling vision for dream work.

Step Two – Based on your focus in step one, choose up to three of these seven areas to spend time on this week, that will help you move forward. Then go to your calendar and schedule specific time to complete activities related to the areas you have picked.

Step Three – At the end of the week, review your progress and then repeat steps one and two.

Let me know how it went and I’ll send you a free Bright Start program.  Simply complete this process over three consecutive weeks. At the end of your three weeks, drop me an email with a brief summary of how each week went for you, what you learned, what you have to work on and what you found most helpful about the Mindful Careers program. I’ll send you details on how to access Bright Start, our introductory course, for free!

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions. Email or call 512.222.6651.
Laurel Donnellan
Founder and CEO, Bright Livelihoods


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