Embracing Career Epiphanies & Changes

We conclude this Soul Worker series with a mystical bang. It is no coincidence that I met Bruce Michael at the New Thought Spiritual Center of Eastern Long Island, where we both study consciousness, prayer, and meditation. His story of finding and following soul work embodies one of the ten guiding principles of New Thought:  

We affirm the power of prayer and the capacity of each person to have a mystical experience with God and to enjoy the grace of God.

Bruce began his 15-year tenure as the Creative Director of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall on August 9, 1989, where he oversaw the renaissance and growth of the world-famous dance troupe.  This journey to dream job come true began on a day, 35 years prior, when he was only 7 years old.

That was the day his parents took him to Radio City for the first time, to see the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was accompanied by a stage show called Dutch Treat. As he described the experience, it felt familiar to me as someone who has witnessed many career epiphany stories and actual moments when people find their home in the world of work.  

Bruce shares this common experience well. It's a blend of transcendence, overwhelm, and feeling at home that changes the course of one’s life and career. In my experience with clients, it's rare to have these experiences so early in life but as I write this, I'm wondering if more of us have these experiences and just forget them…

Bruce lived this moment over and over and made decisions about his future based on that day, that spiritual awakening. By the time he was 12, Michael was catching the bus from Clifton, N.J., to Manhattan on his own, clutching his 75-cent entrance fee. He was obsessed and took every chance to integrate the Rockettes and Radio City into school projects at elementary school, high school, and college. Even now, he lights up and practically levitates when he speaks about his experiences as a super fan.   

Post-college, he moved to New York and opened his bank account at a branch 30 blocks from his house, across the street from Radio City Music Hall, because he knew he would be working there someday. He first landed a job as an associate stage manager for the legendary company in his twenties by hanging outside the stage door, he was finally asked inside by the stage manager. After he left that job, he went on to develop skills outside the organization as a teacher, director, and entrepreneur in theater, dance and entertainment companies to prepare him for his return as an executive at the age of 42.

After leaving the Rockettes, Bruce became the Executive Director of the Space at the Westbury Theater. He now has his own company and provides exclusive Hamptons Experience Tours where he shows off the beauty of the Hamptons to his guests.

More details and miracles of this amazing story will be published one day in a book that Bruce is writing. In the meantime, he offers these pearls of wisdom to those of you seeking soul work:

  • Connect to your emotionality, be open and sensitive to your feelings and operate from faith, not fear.
  • Pay attention to those things that really turn on the switch of excitement for you. It may take you by surprise and take you on the best adventure of your life.
  • Seek out experts who know the subjects that interest you.

Thanks to Bruce and the rest of our soul worker participants. They prove that soul work is the absolute best use of your passions and purpose. The awakening can be surprising, challenging, even frightening. The result of finding and following the call to do what you were born to do is full-hearted living in work and in life.

Whether you’re seeking to redefine a career or add a meaningful side-project to your life, soul work is available to everyone. We just need to tap into our reservoir of courage and heed the call. Go courageously into your next career chapter! Start with a FREE 30-minute Soul Session. Dream out loud and see where your soul will take you.

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