Embrace Your Inner Career Changer


This is best time of year to review how your career went in 2015 and make new goals for 2016. For some of you, it may be time to make a big shift. If you spend a lot of time day dreaming about doing something new you may have an inner career changer and it may be time to start taking this voice seriously.

Usually, these inner career changers fall into one of five categories. See which one you most identify with.  Then take the next step as a way to embrace this inner voice and get on track to work you love!

Over-the-Job Worker – For you, most of your time at work is a struggle and although you hate your current job, you may have no idea what to do next. You feel trapped and may have a fantasy about quitting.

Next step: Find inspiration. If you cannot find it at work, look for places outside of work where you can find things that bring you hope. Maybe you find inspiration from volunteering, working on a new athletic goal or seeking out people who are doing things you admire through media, conferences and/or classes.

Antsy Mom – You have taken time off from your career to focus on raising your kids and now you feel both excited and worried about going back to work. You are concerned about how relevant your skills are and how you will balance work and family life.
Next step: Carve out two hours a week. You need sacred time just for you to dream and explore new options. As a Mom, you know how to multi-task but I am asking you to put that skill aside and actually invest 2 hours a week dreaming up new ideas, networking or looking at job ads.
In Transition Seeker – You are already in the process of planning your next career chapter whether you are in a job search, completing a new degree or planning for retirement. However, you often feel unorganized and unfocused.

Next step: Create and follow a plan. Even between jobs, you need to schedule your time so you can feel successful as you create your next opportunity. First, schedule about 10 hours a week to search for opportunities and events online, next organize another 10 hours to call people you know that can help or hire you and to attend live events. Now for the fun part, your other time can be invested in your home, health, family and friends, which will produce a better attitude and more confidence.

Geographic Newbie – You have just moved to a new city and are looking at this move as an opportunity to make a shift in your career.

Next step: Build a new community. It is time to get busy on making new friends and business contacts in your new home. Start with making a list of things you are interested in and seek out community events you can attend from that list. Consider school activities, social clubs, sports, arts organizations etc.

Boss Wannabe – You have always wanted to be your own boss, so if not now, when? The barriers to entry for online and offline businesses have never been so limited.

Next step: Choose an idea. You can’t start a business plan without an idea so begin making a list of those ideas you already have and seek out new ones online or in your community. Create a list of 10 or more ideas, choose one that most excites you and start researching how feasible and inspiring the idea is for you and your market.

Timing is everything. It’s no wonder that people use the shift from one year to the next as a time for evaluation and change. Embrace it! Make changes that will bring you closer to your true calling. Listen to those inner voices that will lead you back to the work you were born to do.

Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling new year.
The Bright Livelihoods Global Team
Laurel Donnellan, CEO and Melanie Blackwell, Global Programme Director
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