Dreamers Change the World



My work as an career/executive coach and dream advocate connects me to the most amazing people, and I am blessed to have this connection to clients who inspire me to be a better person each day.

Meet Jenna Ritter, the Founder of DHARA, an organization that provides healing to people challenged with mental illness through this interview in the Huffington Post:


Jenna is a great example of how dreamers change the world. To learn more about how you can clarify your dreams and make them real this year, join me at a free webinar on Thursday by registering here:


Laurel Donnellan

Founder and CEO, Bright  Livelihoods

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One thought on “Dreamers Change the World

  1. Laurel was so helpful in redirecting my direction towards a life path. Participating in the Born to do U program offered me the opportunity to really take a look at what I valued the most, and ways that I could execute that information. I have always been a dreamer, lost in the world of defining my dreams in relation to others. I am starting to realize I can no longer do so. Using the Bright Livelihoods experience has enabled for many more doors to open, and has given me a fresh start to dreaming big. I’m sure those joining the webinar will have a similar experience. Thanks for your help Laurel and Bright Livelihoods. Looking forward to hearing about it in the future.


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