Dream Job Series #2: Faith


At the foundation of our work at Bright Livelihoods is the belief that things will get better for our clients and they will have work they love, no matter what their past career has been. We have faith that our experience, method and the love we have for our work and clients  will prevail. However, this is not as important as our clients tapping into their own sense of positive belief.

We help them do that by exploring what their personal point of view is on soul, spirit, and spiritual practice and encouraging them to be true to themselves. Sometimes this means practicing better parenting or leadership and other times it may mean being a more devote church patron. it is a very personal exploration and choice.

Our guest at this week’s webinar on faith, Jim Marshall, told about his own spirtitual journey of developing faith that has included finding a guru, living in an ashram and surviving the loss of his first wife. Jim is a therapist and Bright Livelihoods coach who lives in Seattle and today we discussed faith and connecting to soul as it relates to finding and following a calling. Please listen to the recording of today’s program or any in the series here: http://brightlivelihoods.com/resources/

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