Dream First is a powerful career readiness program that helps young people have more than “just a job”, – work fueled by passions and purpose.

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Students clarify and articulate a personal career dream based on self-study of strengths, and education about career opportunities, creative projects and goal setting. These programs combine curriculum with coaching to improve engagement and self-esteem and to prepare young people to be productive and satisfied in our dynamic global workplace. The program positions young people for future success by developing a stronger commitment to do their best work at school, home, in their employment and in their communities.


  • More personal, specific and relevant career goals will yield a better return on the time and money invested in tuition
  • Students gain a better understanding of how current attitudes, behaviors and school performance impacts the future
  • Develop practices and a practical plan to improve employ-ability skills and make enjoyable work a reality for the future
  • Create a tangible performance or project that helps put career aspirations into focus that parents or guardians and can share and that can be used to strengthen education or employment portfolios
  • Provides tools to expand a student’s perception of career and workplace, to include concepts like entrepreneurism, traditional for profit and not for profit jobs, virtual jobs, jobs requiring travel, as well as addressing the reality that many jobs of the future do not exist yet.


We have provided career and college readiness programs to young people individually and in groups in organizations including: Cornell University, New York University, Harvard University, The Bridges Project, The Taos Pueblo, Rocky Mountain Youth Corp., Omega Teen Camp, Norwalk High School and The School for Leadership 27 in Brooklyn, NY. We help our young clients find their home in the world of work and prepare for the innovation economy. Learn more about how you can bring our programs to your school, church or not-for-profit. 

Film Project by freshman high school students in Brooklyn, NY: